Hi, thank you for visiting Pure Design Co!

My name is Kate and I am the owner and designer behind Pure Design Co. Most days you'll find me with a soy flat white in hand, 2 beautiful daughters in tow, doing the school run or the gymnastics run or the dance run. You will never find me actually running! I have the best husband in the world - he is supportive and makes me laugh, he works hard for his family, bores me with fishing stories and I love him more than anything.

I’m a lover of white, bright, clean designs and a huge believer in ‘less is more’. I am fuelled by coffee and obsessed with making lists. I do have a mild case of resting bitch face and sarcasm to match, but inside I’m a big softy who cries during every episode of Grey's Anatomy.

I work as a graphic designer, helping women turn their ideas, dreams and visions into life. I get to work with so many remarkable, inspiring women every day which I freaking love. This career happened by accident but I'm so glad it did.

Pure Design Co is a boutique design studio, specialising in branding and web design for small businesses. The Pure Design Co. process is a fun and personal experience designed to establish a product that reflects your own style and passion.

I can’t wait to hear about your project no matter how big or small. For enquiries please feel free to fill out the form on my contact page or email me at hello@puredesignco.com.au