The #purebosslady series is all about inspiring and helping women improve their businesses and giving them the courage to take the plunge into life as a mum-entrepreneur. Today’s Pure Boss Lady is Kylianne Turton of Fluxx Fitness.

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Tell us about yourself and your business…

I am a movement conditioner! Which basically means I help clients to move with purpose, so that they are ready for everyday challenges and improve their quality of life. Each client’s purpose and goals are different and their purpose changes daily, their sessions are tailored to what they need on that day, in order to help them achieve the end goal. I also aim to help them become empowered to inspire change in others and spread the love.

Movement is much more than what you look like on the outside, you are not defined by your physical appearance.

I have seen some awesome transformations without the client having to lose a kg 

I am SUPER passionate about movement for women pregnant and post birth, this is a topic I happily talk about with anyone. In fact will have the opportunity to at the Women’s Heath and Fitness Summit in September at the Crown, Melbourne.

How did Fluxx Fitness come to exist?

While trekking Kokoda three years ago, I made the commitment to myself to finally follow my passion and on my return I enrolled in my course, I figured if I was mentally strong enough to complete Kokoda I was mentally strong to start my business and would be able to push through whatever other challenges were put in my path.

I have struggled with severe depression, anxiety since my early 20’s and after an appointment with my psychiatrist he said to me that I had to start exercising enough to leave me out of breathe and that would help me in my journey and recovery. That was it though no referrals to a fitness professional, no other information. So that is the basis of where my journey started.

In my practice as a fitness professional, we focus a lot on the emotional aspect of movement, pain and how it affects achieving our desired outcome.

Give us a glimpse into a ‘day in the life’ of Kylianne Turton.

As I am a mum it all starts when Myka (my gorgeous 11 month old) awakens, and with a coffee 

Most of my sessions are held in the afternoons so I have the rest of the day to prepare, plan and chill with Myka.

Owning and managing a small business is hard work and takes up a lot of time. How do you stay encouraged to keep going in your business?

I have an amazing community of professionals in industry that I am in constant contact with, who I can vent to, ask advice and just connect with. I also have a mentor who helps me develop both personally and professionally. Since starting with him I have seen some amazing opportunities come my way.

Meagan form Hart Me Photography is my greatest local connection who keeps me motivated to keep going. We cut from the same cloth. A couple times a week we will meet and just talk about all things business, we are both under the impression that this is who we are not just what we do. We take pride in that we are authentic in both of our fields and have no doubt that we will be successful because of our passion and drive.

What is your sanity saver for running a business and family? How do you balance the craziness of family, business and relaxation?

My sanity saver is Sundays, Jordan my partner is off work and I will wake up and he would have already taken Myka and Otis (our dog) to the park and gotten me a coffee. Nothing like a coffee in bed to start your day 

Sundays are family day and I very rarely do any work on a Sunday. I get the chance to switch off.

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What advice do you have for other women who are looking to go from employee to entrepreneur?

I personally believe that you HAVE to have passion, a deep profound passion. To the point where it is who you are not what you do. This is what will get you through the hard times.

Have patience, it takes 10,000 hours to make you an expert at something so don’t expect things to just take off because you are passionate. There will be many hard times and challenges along the way.

Find the positives in the negatives, always look at things as an opportunity.

Plan, have an end goal the vision of this will get you through the challenges.

Learn to switch off, you have to make time for you (something I am still not very good at doing)

Nourish your mind, body and soul – this will help you be open minded and ready for whatever is thrown your way. Eat good food, get quality movement for what your body needs THAT day, do things that make you happy, connect with friends and family, get restful sleep, manage your stress and drink water!


3 products you are absolutely loving at the moment?

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  1. Lulu Lemon :: Anything Lulu makes my life a little better
  2. A good notebook :: I have so many filled notebooks with lists, ideas, dreams, visions for the future
  3. Candle :: helps me think and motivates me

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