Happy hump day!! I want to share with you this website a created for the super sweet, super strong, super motivated Brooke from Balanced Fitness and Nutrition. I had a lot of fun working with Brooke on this website, she really wanted the site to be a reflection of herself and her lifestyle – beachy, surfy, sporty, relaxed, understated and practical! We designed the site to be easy to navigate and packed with information about Brooke and BFN, workout videos, scrumptious recipes and a blog for lifestyle inspiration. I highly recommend checking it out!

On a personal level, I am also working with Brooke to bring some ‪"‎balance"‬ into my own life. Brooke's meal and workout plans are amazing!! She listened to everything I said and delivered - short, interesting workouts and family friendly meals!! Now the rest is up to me. Thank you Brooke x