If you know me, you'll know that I love making lists - I seriously have lists for everything! To help you be the most organised Pure Boss Lady you can be, I'm sharing with you my Daily Business Planner (click on the button below to download, save and print your planner). 

Here are my tips on making this planner work for you ::

  • I recommend sitting down and completing your Daily Business Planner the night before. You will feel less stressed and sleep better because all your to-dos are on paper and out of your mind. 
  • Separate your to-dos into 3 categories - Priorities, Business and Personal. 
  • Prioritise your top 3 items. This is helpful when the shit hits the fan (aka a child wakes up with gastro). If you get nothing but these three items done, you're killing it!
  • Keep your to-do lists realistic! 5-6 items is great. More than 6 items can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. However, knowing that we are all overachievers, I have made room for 12 items :)
  • Review! At the end of the day, pour yourself a wine for every item you ticked off - you deserve it. Transfer the remaining items onto tomorrow's Daily Business Planner. 

I also use my Pure Planner to organise my day, the kidlets and meals.

I really hope you find this helpful x