Each brand design project takes approximately 3 weeks. Below is a detailed schedule with estimated milestones. All time estimates are dependent on client response timeliness and number of revisions.

I ask that you please be available during this 3-week timeframe and respond to emails quickly. I also ask that your homework is done ahead of time to make the process run smoothly and help get the most out of our time together.


By this time, I require all your homework to be completed and returned to me - client questionnaire, Pinterest board, website copy, photos etc.

I set up a meeting with you 1 week out from the project start date to review the questionnaires together and make sure that we’re on the same page. This meeting also gives you time to ask me any last minute questions, and I go over the project schedule with you so they know exactly what to expect from me on each day.


I spend the first day of each project pulling together an inspiration board as a visual starting point for the brand. I use images from your Pinterest board that you’ve set up specifically for the project as part of your homework, and I also bring in some other images that fit well with the overall aesthetic of the new brand. I provide you client with 1 revision in this stage.


Then I get to work creating 3 distinct logo concepts. Because this step of the process takes me a little longer and feeling rushed interferes with creativity, I give myself two-three days to work on these concepts. I rely on the colours, patterns, and visuals of the inspiration board for direction and ideas, and I strive to provide you with 3 different directions that we could go with their brand. I provide 3 revisions during this step.

After you choose your favourite out of the bunch, I spend Day 6 creating logo variations to give you variety within your new brand. I also select typefaces, create icons, and pull in other brand elements like patterns and borders to create a full brand board, which allows my client to see everything at once. I provide 1 revision.


After the brand style board is complete, I carry the new look over into 4 print/social media items of your choosing. They can range from stationery (business cards, letterhead, thank you cards) to Facebook page layout everything in between. I have you provide me with all of the information and photos for these pieces ahead of time to make it easier (and quicker) for me to design them, and I offer 1 revision.


Three days may seem like an extremely short amount of time to design an entire website, but because you provides me with all of the text, photos, and pages in your homework ahead of time, it makes it very easy for me to go in and add it all into a Squarespace template. I spend Day 8 working on the layout, Day 9 customising the template and adding design elements, and Day 10 making revisions and tweaks. I create the website in trial mode and add you as an administrator once they’re happy with the final product. Then we can go in and upgrade your account, set up your billing information, and import their content from your old site if their transferring from a site like Wordpress.


On the final day of the project, I upload all of the logo and print files to your project home base page, as well as guidelines for your brand fonts and colours. I contact you and walk through the back end of your website and show you how to edit information, add blog posts, and change out photos. Final payment is due at this stage and I also answer any last questions, and then the process officially comes to a close...


…until launch day, when I celebrate your new brand and website by sharing your new designs on my website. I think something as big as a new visual identity deserves to be celebrated, and not only do I enjoy sharing the designs with my audience, but I love driving traffic to your site and showing off all our hard work, too.

Now breathe… you’ve just been branded!

Please note :: All additional revisions will be charged separately and at my hourly rate of $50 per hour.